Dear Mrs Right who is obviously Mrs WrongFirst up I want to say, I want my heart back because with you it doesn’t belongSee I know it doesn’t matter about me and youAnd everything that you put me throughAll the lies and cheatin’ isn’t something my heart will allowLife is tough but I understand you want to be with her nowI’m starting to take a new directionOne that doesn’t need any of your so called affectionYou committed the three deadly sins of loveLie, cheat and beatYeah, that’s right, you can tick all of the aboveNow you see when it comes to me and youI was always in last place, back of the queueDidn’t ever think that I could be without you,But now I know that I’ll be fineAnd that without you my heart won’t flat lineI’ve realised that I’ve got to dry my eyesBecause chance for love with another is going to ariseI used to put you first and me lastBut now those times are times of the pastNow that you’ve broken my heartAnd we are living out lives apartAll because you put our love under attackDon’t ever expect me to take you back.

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