You drive me mad with temptationsSending my mind crazy with hallucinationsThe driving force to my day to day existenceI try not to but every time I have to give into your persistenceI’m trying to forget about you, scratching at my skinI don’t want to let you inBut your there, I’m yearning for your buzzOnce you’re in, you help me forget it all becomes a haze surrounded in a cloudy fuzzI don’t want you but I need youIt’s like you’re inside my head, you’re reading my mind, you knewI need to end this cycle, I need to get out of this rhythmI don’t want you, I want my freedomBut I need you, where have you goneIt was only an hour ago, but it feels so longI need you yet againBut you lost me my home evicted by the councilmenI’m homeless, got nowhere to goI only took you once, then… I just don’t knowI just needed you inside meLike on my own I couldn’t be freeLook at my life nowYou weren’t a bulldozer you were a ploughTurned my whole life upside down day by dayI was on the straight and narrow but you told me to strayNow it’s time to get backEven though you put everything I once had under attackI’m going to build it all up, but you won’t knock it down againForever an addict, but I’ll fight it… amen

Stacey xo

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