We are done
But let’s not be forgetting
All the memories
And the making of the melodies
We’ve had our fair share of
Arguments, fighting and fussing
You take a step forward
But I’m quite happy staying back here in the past

I might be blind
But baby understand
I’m willing to let you go
If you let me stay here
With all of our memories
I might sit up all night
But it’s not the daily fights that stay on my mind

Remember how we used to be
But I guess the world just got in the way
Every day you had to work really late
Each night I was willing to wait
Don’t tell me you were just chillin’ with your mates

See where we end
It’s just like where we began
Remember the days when I made your world go round
It’s hard to watch you go
But I can always live with the memories


What do you think?

– Esjae x

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