Don’t stereotype me
Please don’t tell me who I should be
In my head I know
And that’s how my personality is going to grow
I see all the problems you see
Don’t try and blame them on me
The streets have a voice
Every person has a choice
Decide what path their going to take
What laws their going to break
Nobody will force the weapon in their hand
Buts lets join together and make a stand
Guide them to the right way
It’s your turn to be a role model today
Take some responsibilities
Don’t be blaming us for all the controversies

We drive you to the brink
Day after day you see another turn to the drink
I’ll stand up for those without a voice
I’ll stand up for those without a choice
I’m proud to be different
Not like all the others up the duff you know, pregnant
I’m at college everyday
Are you getting what I’m trying to say?
I’m not like them
Most of their choices I don’t condemn
Not smoking, not ever
Have I taken drugs? No never
Don’t judge what you don’t understand
That’s why I’m making a stand and raising my stand
I’ve got a voice
And I’m making my choice

Let me know what you think.

– Esjae x

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