I can listen to you lie
But every time another part of me will die
And another tear I will cry
Just like a gunshot to my heart
A bullet to my brain
But by your side I still remain

I’m told I deserve better
More than a jailbird and his monthly letter
Locked away for his violence
Without him around the house is filled with a deathly silence
No crashing plates
No drug taking mates
Just me and my bruises

I know people think you’re abusive
I know people think I’m stupid
Maybe even deluded
How can you help who you fall for?
But I can’t withstand this love anymore

I am stronger than this
Not taken in by your kiss
I’ll tell it to you straight
But I’ve left it too late

Now I am the reason you’re in your cell
Accompanied to my farewell
Maybe it was just a possessive love
Now I can only be represented by a white dove


Let me know what you think.

– Esjae x

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