Love is overrated
In the end it’s only your feelings that will be obliterated
My feelings are left stranded at the door
Yet I’m still left wanting more
I can’t get it into my head
That what we had began and ended in your bed
You’re turning me into a whore
Because our love is becoming a chore
I might well be poor
It was your love that I needed to make me rich
Go ahead, keep cursing my name
We both know that won’t make me your bitch
Sleeping around is how you got your fame
But somehow I got it into my head that your soul I would be able to tame
I’m working day and night
To reach a new height
Each day the bar is raised
All I’m asking for is some praise
I need a wish, I’m on my knees ready to prey
Hoping that tomorrow will be my day

One response to “Poem: Love Is Overrated”

  1. Love is a wonderful feeling to experience. But it turns into the worst feeling when the one you loved is no longer believing.


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