Race, Place
Black, White
Tall, Small
Fat, Thin
Cheating, Beating
Dreaming, Screaming
Hoping, Praying
Crying, Lying, Dying
Teenagers, prejudice
Guns, Knives
Louts, layabout
Hoodys, scum

Don’t stereotype me
Don’t tell me who I should be
I see all the problems you see
Don’t try and blame them on me
Times have changed
Communties rearranged
Knives carried for pride
Cars taken for a joy ride
You only see the bad
All the things that make us mad
You want us to change
You call us strange
We need opportunities
Some sense of responsibilities
A way to repay the communities
You’ve taken everything away
Then leave us with the blame

Teenage pregnancies
Dangers and obscenities
Guns and knives
So many have lost their lives
Lost and gone
But never forgotten

Don’t just give them a passing glance
Give them another chance
A helping hand might be all they need
Listen to their opinions you might surprise yourself, you might not disagree


Let me know what you think

-Esjae x

One response to “Poem: You Might Surprise Yourself”

  1. Kind of boring simply because you took lines from other poems you've written about the exact same topic. A little more variety would be good.


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