Do you know the feeling I have inside when you say my name?
Yet you still play with my heart like it’s a piece in your game
Love can nearly always turn into hate
Passion that dies, I guess that’s just fate

You might not be by my side
But I can’t hide the feelings in my heart
You can walk away
But these feelings will stay

I know you’ve played around
Yes you let me down
But no I can’t let you go
I still love you and that you’ve got to know

I’m sure we can work this out
All we got to do is talk this out
Just between us two
I know you want her, just remember all that we’ve been through

Will she stand by your side like I have?
Will she play around like you have?

Remember I said I’d stay
Even after the first time
Gave you the benefit of the doubt
Believed every word
Forgot everything that I’d heard

So much for love
Being your princess and your angel from above
Didn’t you say that to her
And on my life you swore
That the first time would be the last time

I know you’ve taken me for a mug
But I’m hooked on you like some kind of drug
Every time I decide to walk away
I turn right around and agree to stay

Promises mean nothing
It’s time to prove to me something
If this is love or hate
I need to know our fate


I know this is a quite a long piece which is quite unusual for me but I wanted to try something new when I wrote it! – What do you think?

-Esjae x

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