No second chances
Refuse to give you any second glances
You walked out on us
And left me behind
Another door has closed in my face
But I just stand up once again
And face the world with a smile
Because I know I can do better
Than what you gave me
Find another who loves me for who I am

Every day is a fight
But for once I’ve seen the light
And I know that this life is my fight
To prove myself
To me and no one else
Push my mind, body and soul to its limits
So that I know I’ve done all I can

Don’t want to blink
In case I miss anything
Only got one chance at this life
No need to keep believing the lies
Just got to realise the love is in my eyes
For this world
Take every chance
Don’t let it slip passed

What do you think?

-Esjae x

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