You think you know it all
You think you know me
But if I tell you the truth you would stop and stall
If you open your eyes then maybe you would see
That I’m not longer going to
Play your games
Pretend that to me you’re being true
When really you have 101 different love flames
You maybe ‘Mr Perfect’
But really you’re ‘Mr Disrespect’

You haven’t got the right to say to me
Who I should be
When you have me confused with ‘Miss Last Night’
It’s too late for you to protest, to put up a fight
You lost that right
When you didn’t pick up last night
I told you from the beginning
You thought you were winning, when all you were doing was sinning

No one will and has ever made a fool out of me
From now I’m living my truth without your lies
I’m walking out, and I won’t be coming back, you’ll see
There won’t be anymore tears from these eyes

I’m stronger now that I’ve woken up to see who you really are
You just another Mr Want It All with a sports car
I’m no longer going to be ‘Miss Day Time’
While you sneak off to see ‘Miss Night Time’
You my think you know everything
But in reality you know nothing

What do you think?

– Esjae x

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