I know I’m not perfect
But I do my best to get as close as I can
You say I don’t need to change
I see the doubt of you own words in your eyes
Our relationship used to be fine
I knew one hundred percent you were mine
But lately people made me question how we feel
And if our love is real
To them we can’t be
Anything more than average
But I thought we were perfect
And nothing less
It was only you I wanted to impress
People started talking
Then my mind started walking
Going round and round
Thinking about
All the little things you said
The looks you give the other girls
The distance you’re putting between you and me
Maybe it’s just me
Or what they’re saying we’re becoming to be

Tell me they’re wrong
And it’s in my heart you belong
Say things will always be perfect
Between you and me
Say there’s no need to question it
Because our hearts are a perfect fit
It all I want to hear from your lips
A comfortable silence
A little reassurance from you
Once in a while

What do you think?

– Esjae x

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