I’m writing a letter this Christmas time
I can’t say that I don’t have a single regret
Can’t say there was a reason or rhyme
But there is this one thing I can’t forget

Dear Santa, please, please
Get your elves together and use your expertise
To bring me the only thing that’s on my list
The one I once kissed
The one I’m starting to miss
I see the old photos and I start to reminisce
Over all the old times we spent together
We said we would be forever
But you moved on
So I had to find somewhere else to belong
Now I’m listening to our song
And I know it heart that’s my home
To any other I would only be on loan
Santa take me back to the one I really need
And I’ll be happier than I have ever been before, guaranteed

I’m asking for my one wish
To bring me the one I really miss
Santa, do this for me,



What do you think?

– Esjae x

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