I rewrote my poem ‘Little Angel’ for my Niece, Lyra and have now called it ‘Lyra’s Poem’.

Dear little angel in the sky
I can’t believe I’m here saying goodbye
I wish someone could tell us all why
You had to be taken so young
Especially when your life hadn’t even begun
I never got a chance to meet you
And you never got a chance to show us all you could do
You often come to the front of my mind
And I know these thoughts of you I’ll never leave behind
Because these thoughts of you will always stay
Just like today, tomorrow and yesterday
We never got a chance to hear your cried
Or see the laughter in your eyes
You will never have the chance to grow old
But we know your heart is made of gold
Because all you will ever know is love
Especially now that you’re an angel from above
We have all cried,
For you little angel, wishing that you hadn’t died
But now your with the other angels in the clouds
Lyra, know that you’ll always do us proud

– Esjae x

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