Dear Mum, I’m writing you this letter
To show you that I can be better
You’ve always been my best friend
The best angel god could send
You brought me into this world 18 years ago
And have since shown me how to grow
You’ve always been the best mother to me
And helped me to discover who to be
Whenever I’ve been scared
You’ve always been there to show you’ve cared
Everyday of my life, I’ll dedicate to you
To thank you for all the things you do
I just want to make you proud and that’s why I
Never want to see you cry
And why I’m always willing to try
To do the best I can do
Because I know if I get stuck along the way
It’s you that I can come to
Whether I’m on the right path, or if I stray
You’ll be with me every step of the way

You’ll always be my mum and best friend
With each other until the bitter end
I love you
And all of the things you do

– Esjae x

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