Last night was amazing I reached the final 12 in the Strawberry Slam Poetry Competition at Strawberry Fair and did my first live performance! I had such a great time and was really pleased with my score, congratulations to the two winners their poems were awesome.

Here is my poem, I merged two of my older poems together and changed them a little bit, It’s called ‘Give Us A Break, You Get Me’…

Teenagers, prejudice
Louts and layabouts
Times have changed
Communities rearranged
You took away the opportunities
And are now left with what you call teenage obscenities
Just like the guns and knives carried for pride
And like all the cars taken for a joyride

Looking around and all that you can see
Is the stereotype you think I should be
It doesn’t mean that I’m the same
It doesn’t mean that I’m too blame
Everyone focuses on the minority
Making it seem as thought they are the majority

We’re people too
Just not as important as you
Apparently you’re perfect
And we’re the ones who are incorrect

All we need is one chance
So that out lives will advance
I shouldn’t have to prove to you
That I’m just as much of a person as you

You’ve taken everything away
And now you’ve left us with the blame
Surely you can see that we’re not all the same

Give us a break,
You get me

I’ll post the video of my performance onto my youtube channel soon!
Let me know what you think of the poem.
– Esjae x

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