Look at me, look at me from behind

What do you find,
Your willing to say your opinions blunt
Look at me, look at me from the front
Your not afraid to confront,
Me, for who you think I should be
Why don’t you try and get to know me
Instead of judging me on what you think you can see

You’re older and therefore supposedly wiser

But I wouldn’t want you as my advisor
Just because one of us carries a knife
It doesn’t mean that it’s my life
Just because someone fires a bullet from a gun
Doesn’t mean that I do it for fun
Don’t make me take a step back
Just because your opinions’ are on the attack
Don’t crush my positivity
Simply because you want to surround me in negativity

I’m not all that different from you

I have dreams just like you do
Why is it simply because of my age you think you can judge what I do
But why is it disrespectful when I do it to you

I have to earn your respect

Just like some kind of object
But I am told I just have to give it to you
Even though you judge every little thing that I do
How is that fair
But I’m not supposed to care
Because I’m just another teenager your allowed to judge

And I’m not meant to hold a grudge

How am I supposed to feel as though I belong
When I’m made to feel as though I’ve always done something wrong
– Esjae x

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