So today was the day I made my way to Bournemouth! It’s been an exciting build up getting everything ready and packing, plus I’ve been to stay at Scott’s I haven’t really had a chance to post an update on here for a while.
It’s my Mum’s birthday today (it’s kind of sad that I moved to uni on her birthday! But there you go that’s how things work out sometimes) I got her a wine glass with ‘Super Mum’ on it and a set of nail varnish because she likes painting her nails. She got loads of other great stuff too my sister, Natasha, got her a perfume set (I think it was Jimmy Choo – But I’m not completely sure), Aaron, my brother got her ‘The Inbetweeners’ DVD box set and the ‘Miranda’ DVD which she really liked because she liked both series. My Dad got her 2 nail art sets which where both pretty cool and I would have jealous of them had I got longer nails (perhaps I should stop biting them and start growing them!).
Once my Mum had unwrapped her presents it was full steam a head for all 5 of us to get ready. We wanted to leave by 9… It didn’t happen! Once we did finally set off (after repacking half the boot because I forgot some bits and jump starting the my Dad’s car off Natasha’s) we had an early pit stop at Tesco’s because Aaron wanted to get some DVDs and I wanted to get some chocolate for the journey. The first half of the journey went pretty quickly, I spent a lot of it texting Scott. We then stopped at Fleet services and Tasha bought us all a Burger King (one of my favourite fast foods!) she also got me an ice cream which was really good but I couldn’t eat it all. Once we were back on the road it wasn’t too long until we reached Bournemouth and I started to get nervous! I hadn’t gotten at all nervous up until then. It seemed to have come round really quickly. We got to the place where I needed to get my keys for my shared house from and my Dad ended up extending my insurance to cover my laptop and phone, the whole process of getting my keys was really fast.
My new house (well for a year anyways) is really nice, I really like it. Once I finally worked out which key unlocked the front door (not that it mattered anyways because it was already unlocked) me and my family all traipsed in. We met Stefan first – He’s really nice, I’d already spoken to him on Facebook so it was good to be kind of familiar with each other already, I briefly met Chris – who is also really nice and I had already spoken to him on Facebook too. Stefan told us that another girl (the mystery girl – one of the housemates I hadn’t spoken to on Facebook) had already moved in and was from Wales. After our quick chat we found my room upstairs, its not a particularly large room but it’s a good size and has everything I need in it. My Mum soon instructed my Dad to get all of my boxes out of the car, Tasha and Aaron helped, whilst me and my Mum had a quick look around the rest of the house. My family didn’t stay for too long after they brought all of my stuff into the house they all had a quick look round and met Ryan (who I had already spoken to on Facebook to, he seemed quite quiet) and his family just before they left.
Once my family left I was left staring a stack of boxes that I needed to unpack and sort out. It didn’t take me too long to sort myself out in my room (it’s the first time in my whole life that I have my own room!). Stefan suggested we go and get our wristbands so we join in all the fresher’s stuff so me, him and Katie (the Welsh girl) all headed off to the Talbot campus to get ourselves a wristband each. It wasn’t too far to go a mile and a half each way while we were there we asked how we could get our broken internet fixed. On the walk back we stopped at a house just a few doors down from us that Stefan thought had students in too and he was right, so the three of us introduced ourselves to them and then made our way back to our house. I finished off sorting out some bits in my room and then went and chatted with all of my housemates in our lounge. We then decided to play some games, we originally were going to play Cluedo but decided to play Jenga instead because some of the Cluedo pieces where missing. Our house are insane at playing Jenga we ended up played for over an hour and a half! We then played a few little games before we all went off to do our own thing. Stefan and Katie decided to go out with the other house from down the road while me, Ryan and Chris all opted to stay in and have a quiet night! It was weird to make my dinner for myself – I have done it before but I felt so much more grown up doing it… Although that didn’t stop me from just having a pack of super noodles (quick and easy, what more can a student want!).
I’m going to go and pick up a few bits and pieces from the shops tomorrow and have a bit more of a look around, and spend some time with Scott! I wonder where my new university adventure will take me tomorrow!
I wonder if our mystery sixth housemate will arrive tomorrow or if he will still remain a mystery for a while longer! Who are you sixth housemate?
– Esjae x

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