Dear Santa, It’s that time of year
When we ask you to listen with open ears
I know that this Christmas there will be a few who will shed a tear
When they think of a beautiful little girl who can’t be here

I’m not writing to you to ask for material things
Just for you to visit a little girl with angel wings
I hope you won’t mind,
Especially as she won’t be hard to find
For she is the brightest star in the sky

She didn’t get a chance to walk this earth
So no present will truly show her worth
For she is the smallest angel in the sky

We didn’t get to hear her cry
Or to listen to her first words
As she was already flying higher than the birds

She can’t write this letter for herself to ask for toys
Like all the other girls and boys
So I wish to ask for you to,
Deliver a simple message
And giver her the knowledge
That although she isn’t here
We’ll always hold our thoughts of her dear
Wishing that she could be near
Our love for her will remain strong
For in our hearts she will always belong

Sleep tight little angel tonight
For I will watch your star so bright
As I say goodnight

– Esjae xo

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