They’re fighting a war we’ll never know
Just wishing for them to come home
But instead they’re out there
Doing the things we’d never be able to bare
Putting their lives on the live
Not knowing what they’ll find
Some have come home with battle scars
Some have come home in funeral cars
Others have mental scars
However they come home
They will never be alone
For we should give them as much support as we can give
For without them this life we’d be unable to live
We should remember the freedom they have given everyone
We have no reason to whine or moan
Because we are still walking the earth under the sun
With the chance to see are children play and have fun
Without them we wouldn’t have this life
Or the chance to hope and dream
So if things are the way you wished they’d be
Take a minute to think of those who have lost their lives fighting for you and me
Taken from my new poetry book.
– Esjae xo

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