You might not be famous but that doesn’t mean
That you didn’t have a tough time as a teen
And you didn’t have to smile when you wanted to break down and cry
Because people where asking too many questions, trying to get you to lie
Sometimes you have to stand tall
Even though you want to crumble and fall
Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re being dragged through
With everyone telling you, that you’re doing things wrong
All you can do is stand strong
The only thing getting you through day to day
Are the dreams people tell you are getting in the way
You don’t need to be famous
To achieve greatness
Just believe in yourself and you’ll get there
It doesn’t matter if people stop and stare
As long as you follow your dreams
In which you’ve always been able to believe
No matter how big or small they are
On you’ll be sure to achieve
And in your own way you’ll become a star
Taken from my new poetry book.
– Esjae xo

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