I’m sat here close to the brink
Sipping at my drink
Trying my hardest to make it so I can’t think
About the nightmare that I’ve been living in
Struggling to not sin
Fighting a war I wasn’t sure I could win

But here I am, I’m still standing
And I’ve come to realise that this is my life I’m commanding
I used to have a dream, but I was always one step behind
But now it’s time to find
That extra part of me
That can show everyone and make them see
That I’m fighter, a winner, a champion
Not ready to disappear into the millions
I can make a stand
Give all those I care about a hand

I need to snap out of this feeling of uselessness
And emerge with the feeling of ruthlessness
That has always been shown to me
Its time to show them what it’s like to be
On the other side
Struggling to keep the feelings inside that you have to hide

-Esjae xo

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