Well I haven’t written anything on this blog since I actually moved in, what has happened since then.


Quite literally, so much has happened. But at the same time it feels like not a lot has happened. Crazy really, just saying!

Well freshers has quite obviously ended and I have been chucked into the student world of being broke and having to amuse myself. I have learnt what my housemates are really like once you get to know them, first impressions aren’t always right!

I have started writing this with no idea of where it is going, the main reason I have found myself back at this blog is because everyone in my house has gone to bed, at 11pm, on a Friday night!

So lets see what comes to mind from the first few months of uni and I’ll see if I can find pictures & videos to illustrate the awesomeness of what has happened in my life as a student. (they probably won’t be in order of when they happen)

So after we all moved in we had a roast dinner cooked by yours truly:

As you can see everyone looks really happy an not at all worried about the food they are about to consume!

We are obviously the most awesome students in the whole of Bournemouth and decided to ‘bond’ over a few games of Jenga as a result of the internet not working properly:

Again everyone looks extremely happy to be here (particularly Katie-Jo the one holding the Jenga block). The boys look slightly less enthusiastic about everything that is happening, the photo being taken, the fact the internet wasn’t working, they had to speak to people, and the fact we were playing Jenga.
I tend to find myself having a lot of energy to burn (I guess I’m just one of those people who can entertain themselves with virtually anything):
This was known as ‘the duvet of death’ Katie-Jo has come to realise by now, I hope, that you tend to just go with my mood when I am this hyper. I have no idea where the whole idea for this came from but it sort of just happened.
On the same day I proceeded to go on holiday on the landing. Now the landing has come to be quite a special place not only have I ‘gone on holiday’ here but I have also made a dessert and became homeless here:
Me and Scott broke up. – That happened.
Katie-Jo fell through a chair, quite literally:
The concentration on her face as she tries to fix it is something else!
Sadly Katie-Jo seems to have become the person who is with me when I am trying to occupy myself:

Yes, I did tape her hands together. It’s okay I let her go after…

It snowed:

Me, Ryan, Katie-Jo and Chris made a snowman and Ryan made the snow dog.
We went house hunting, Katie-Jo drove us to the viewings:
As you can see, I called shotgun, I’m not as stupid as I look.
The occasional sunny day:
I like this photo so I thought it illustrated that after it snowed we had a sunny day.
Me and Katie-Jo like to have adventures when we have had a drink, we dragged Dylan with us on this occasion. 
We like to wear our onesies when we go out.

We kidnapped Claire, Dylan’s girlfriend.

We met these two people (Lily and Liam – I think?!) and went to a houseparty for all of 5 minutes with them then went to the beach.

We paddled in the sea.
We made pancakes, twice…
This is Ryan. Ryan is eating a pancake.
I have travelled to and from Cambridge several times to visit my family.
Clearly I enjoyed this journey!
It was Rachael Day (NOT VALENTINE’S DAY)

I made her a cake. – Doesn’t she look happy?!
Valentines Day (Rachael Day) meant more mischief:
Me and Katie-Jo gatecrashed Dylan’s date.
This is proof that I do cook things from scratch:
In fact, that day we had just been for a walk to the beach (we may or may not have taken a detour as a result of my excellent navigational skills) and I cooked me and Katie-Jo a roast dinner.
This was taken once we had arrived at the beach! It was sunny when we left the house, it wasn’t as sunny when we reached the beach.

There are loads more pictures but I shall add these another time, it is tiring looking through photos. I need to sleep. For a long time. I am student – I am allowed to.

– Esjae xo

Ps I fall off things a lot:

*Please note we were all sober when this happened.*

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