I know when I don’t belong
That’s why right now I’m contemplating getting gone
I don’t want to be here
If you don’t want me near
I’ve always tried to do my best by you
All I ever wanted was appreciation for the things I do

Instead you throw it back in my face
Telling me that I don’t belong in this place
That I mean nothing to you and I’m just a waste of space

I don’t need telling twice
I’ve tried playing nice
Even after you pushed me away
I still tried to stay
Maybe it was the wrong thing to do
But all I wanted to was be there for you
And in my head I just knew
That you wouldn’t be able to do it alone
I’ve left, I’ve gone, but if you need me just pick up the phone
It’s not that I don’t care
You just made me feel like I didn’t belong there

I hope one day you’ll see
That you’ll always mean something to me


– Esjae xo

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