So today has been one of those uber productive days when I have felt like I have completed so many things but really I have done nothing. Yes that’s write I have ticked off a big fat zero of the many things filling my lovely non existent (that should really exist) to do list.

I got out of bed stupidly early because this mysterious headachy illness that has decided it wants a loving relationship with me (trust me it is not loving from this side) won’t leave, I have tried to separate from it kindly  by sleeping but I had to resort to some paracetamol today. The worst part, the paracetamol HASN’T worked! Well it did a little bit but not entirely.

I was so productive…

After refreshing facebook and twitter far too many times I decided to roll out of bed, quite literally as it stopped my head from hurting as much. I decided to attempt to get some sympathy from my mother and went to visit her in her bedroom although she wasn’t as sympathetic as I had hoped with my visit at 8.30am (lets be honest, it really isn’t all that early!!).

I contemplated going to back to bed but I debated with myself for a while about how I could start my day earlier and then get more of my assignment done… (theory is always so good, never really as good when put into practice). I went downstairs in search of Charlie (my laptop – yes I name these things!) and had the obligatory morning cuddle with Alfie (at least someone loves me and showed me some form of sympathy) I was so happy to see that the many people I subscribe to on YouTube had uploaded new videos which I happily watched and then settled on my daily Home and Away catch up (love that show). I then proceeded to watch This Morning got to love a bit of Holly Willoughby and the Schofield in the morning – I watch/ catch up on far too much television than what is good for you.

I have spent virtually all day reading that blog is beautiful, she is so ridiculously funny. My Mum has been asking me all day what is so funny and I have told her if she had been sympathetic towards me and my unwanted relationship with my headache she may have been able to share my enjoyment but as she didn’t offer me ANY sympathy I refused to tell her. I gave in eventually and she appreciated the post I was reading as much as I did – but that isn’t the point it’s the principle of it that matters!

My friend, Rachael, tagged me in this picture on facebook. I took it as a compliment – I embrace the crazy as much as possible.
I have consumed four Mars bars today (chocolate gives me headaches but seeing as I have one already I thought it would be okay). Mars bars are my favourite chocolate bars in the world quite literally well I haven’t had every single chocolate bar (yet!) but if I had I’m sure that Mars bars would still top the list. They are just so amazing.
I do wonder how I have managed to stay so thin considering my diet consists of chocolate, biscuits, cakes, anything and everything high in sugar… possibly explains my craziness really.
All in all I have had a good day.
I am currently trying to bring myself to continue with my assignment discussing the ethics of Cadbury (see I managed to link my assignment to my sugar addiction!). As much as I love chocolate and particularly Cadbury (got to love a good Cadbury Caramel chocolate bar) writing a 2500 essay is not one of my strongest points. Yes I go to uni, but sadly I am not academic so I always find writing these assignments difficult and my attention doesn’t last longer than a few hundred words. This usually ends in me doing my assignments in less than 24 hours the day before they are due. This assignment I am determined will be different.
Here goes. Bye blogger. Hello word and my lovely ethical assignment.
– Stacey xo

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