There, I’ve said it! I can literally find anything to do to stop me from doing my work. Last night I had planned that today I would finish my assignment but somewhere between last night and this morning a part of me decided that wouldn’t be happening.

I have had a very (un)productive day looking through photos, watching videos I’ve found on my laptop which I then proceeded to upload to youtube (you can have a gander here – if you feel so inclined). I nearly finished the book I got on my Kindle last night but its hit that point where its not very interesting a bit boring so I’m avoiding reading when really I could just get this little bit over with and get to a more exciting part.

I also got a tattoo today… not a real one, a transfer, I’m too poor to get a real one right now.

It was a spongebob one that my Mum applied for me – doesn’t it look wonderful!

I also lost four of my fingers today when my Dad decided he wanted to practice his refreshed first aider skills as he has just become requalified as a first aider.

I make a happy amputee.
Other than these events my day has been rather average. Oh yeah I also sort of packed to return to Bournemouth tomorrow, I can’t wait! Although the four and a half hour train journey could shorten itself a little bit because sitting still for that long doesn’t agree with me and I get ridiculously bored.
Maybe when I’m back in Bournemouth tomorrow I’ll make more progress with my assignment.
– Stacey xo

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