Just because I’m female
Doesn’t mean I believe everything ends just like a fairytale
I see the news each night
I hear the sirens attending another deadly fight
I might be nineteen
But that doesn’t mean
I live up to the stereotype I’m believed to be
I’m my own person, I’m me
Look at me from the outside, tell me what do you see

I’m just another lost human being trying to follow my path in life
But yet somehow society is telling me I should be carrying a knife
I’m telling you that’s not right, its definitely not me, and I don’t want to take another’s life

I want to stand up and show the world that we aren’t all the same
You perceive us in our teens as though we all play at life as though its a game
But trust me, take it from me, we aren’t all the same

You judge me because of the negativity you see on you TV screens
You see us as all the same, truth is, we only have one thing in common, we’re in our teens

Don’t judge me on what you see externally
Just because I have my hood up doesn’t mean you have to look at me nervously
I promise you I was brought up with good manners, I’ll say please and thank you
I might forget occasionally but trust me theres people older than me that don’t do it at all

Your judging me on all this negativity
That you have created by looking at a small minority
Its about time that the bigger picture was taken into consideration
Because right now there is a whole population filled with alot of frustration

So don’t judge me on what you think I should be
Don’t judge me on what you think you should see
It’s quite simple, just get to know me

– Esjae xo

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