Bournemouth definitely feels like home, I have been back here for more than 24 hours now and it feels ridiculously good to be here!

It took a while to unpack everything yesterday and get things sorted, I caught up with Ryan when I got back and Stefan was out. But there’s only the 3 of us in our house at the moment! We have a new microwave which is pretty exciting! (the thrills of being a student)
Today I have had a pretty chilled out day, apart from the fact I woke up stupidly early as a result of still running on my work body clock, 7am is not the ideal time to be awake when you are a student! I made myself feel better about it by watching the latest Glee episode which was alright but lacking in songs.
I made the necessary trip to Iceland stopping in G&T’s on the way to buy myself a new duvet cover, as you can see its a beautiful Toy Story one (my love for Toy Story will never end) plus its reversible.

I also went out and bought myself a monitor so that I can watch films and other things online while I do my work (or at least pretend to do my work). It has sort of increased my productivity levels, my assignment is now half way done – so close but yet so far!
I am ready to sleep… FOREVER now.
– Stacey xo

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