It’s official! Me and Rachael have been reunited… it was a beautiful moment! Three weeks actually feel like forever…No word of a lie. Basically we have just done an all nighter to do our assignment that is due at 10am… I say we I mean me, Rach opted out of this assignment.

Back to the beginning of the day (now in fact yesterday). I had the worst nights sleep, my body wanted to be alive but my brain didn’t want to be and they couldn’t agree. It was truly devastating, especially at 9am when I finally decided to leave my bed and start doing things with the day.

I decided to go shopping. SURPRISE! (well not really but ya know!)

I got myself some new glasses (the drinking kind not the, oh look I’m blind type) as I have recently discovered I have broken one of mine and 2 have cracks in them, I also got two uber awesome blankets – a Toy Story one (yet another surprise) and a VW Camper Van one (my love for these beautiful beasts still lives on).

My day after my trip to the shops was slightly less productive, hence why I had to stay up all night to finish this assignment. See that is dedication for you!

Myself and Rachael had an uber awesome conversation with Katie-Jo who has yet grace us with her presence – she is longing out her Easter break, like really GET YO ASS BACK BIATCH.

I’m casually trying to kill time until I have to go into uni to print my assignment out and hand it in…

– Stacey xo

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