I’m stuck in this nightmare
Struggling to act like I don’t care
You got yourself into this mess
I wish I could pretend that I couldn’t careless

I’ve tried helping you time and time again
But there’s no helping you
It’s not a question of if but when
It’s almost like you can’t help the things you do
Acting out like you have no clue
Especially about how much your hurting everyone around you

I wish you could see that what you’re doing isn’t right
And that you could appreciate why we’ve all put up such a fight
Your not only damaging yourself
Through ruining your health
But your making it hard to love you
When you do all the things you do

I wish there was something I could do to stop it all
You don’t know what its like to watch you fall
Deeper into that blac khole that takes over all of you
I just wish you knew
What all of this does to me
And then maybe you would see
What its like living this life from my point of view

– Esjae xo

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