After tonight I have definitely decided that I miss uni. Its not even 9pm and I’m already sat in bed because there is nothing else to do. Well I could do some of my assignment that isn’t due until September, but I have the whole summer to do it (famous last words). 

I found this toaster earlier and thought it was pretty awesome:
See what my life is coming too?! Although I wouldn’t mind having one of these for next year as I think it would be pretty cool.
I am on my last week of my work placement for uni and it has gone really well so far (touch wood) I’ve got to do loads of different things that I don’t get to do in my regular part time job which has been pretty awesome.
I’m close to getting my deposit paid off for my uni house next year (in theory) although I still have a bit to go but I should have it all together by the deadline (fingers crossed).
– Esjae xo

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