Girl 99 by Andy P Jones


William Fisher is on a mission to bring the total number of his sexual conquests up to 100. 
During the course of his quest he sleeps with a colleague, a colleague of a friend, a friend of a friend, a friend of a friend’s wife, the estate agent selling his flat, and several more besides. Everything is going, if not well, then at least according to plan … and then Fisher goes and ruins it all by falling for Girl 99.

Girl 99 is a story about love, sex and the sticky area in between.
Before I started this book I was entirely sure if I was going to enjoy it, however I was very surprised.I loved this book! – The plot was written so well, it was believable funny and at points relatable I was drawn in right from the first page. All of the relationships, and friendships (Particularly between Fisher and his best friend El) were believable and made the book flow really well.I also found it refreshing to read from a man’s point of view as it is normally written from a female’s perspective. This book would make a great read for both male and female, ideal for a plane journey or on the beach.

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