People stop and look at me

They don’t understand what they see
Instead the slot me into a stereotype
But I like to think we’re all different prototypes
You might have already experienced what I’m about to
But to me its all new
This is my first and only chance at life
So what difference should it make if I want a husband or wife
I doesn’t change that I’m just like you
I eat the same foods
I experience the same feelings and moods
I wear the same clothes
I watch the same TV shows
It’s not easy being me
Because so many people disagree
With the life I lead
But what they don’t understand is it isn’t a want or need
It’s just quite simply who I am
It shouldn’t make a difference
Whether you are gay or straight
We’re told not to judge someone on their appearance
So surely it isn’t too late
To stop people trying to hate
Others based upon their sexuality
Because quite simply its not an abnormality
Let me know what you think.
– Esjae xo

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