Until this year I haven’t had one of those birthdays where you can look back and say ‘that was my best birthday yet.’ I was gutted on my 18th because I was ill, my other birthdays have been alright/good but nothing really happened that made them stand out… my birthday this year topped them all.

My birthday started on the 7th and didn’t finish until the 11th!

Katie-Jo surprised me on the Thursday with dinner at an Italian restaurant, then champagne on the beach and she also gave me my present. We had a really good evening and it was just really good to spend time together. – To be honest that would have been more than enough to celebrate my birthday!

On Friday me and Katie-Jo decorated the house with balloons and banners, ready for Rachael R, Annie and Amiee to arrive. Katie-Jo did more of the decorating and I did more directing. We went and picked Rachael up from the train station and went into ASDA then we tried to leave but the car park was jammed and so we ended up picking Annie & Aimee up at the same time. We all chilled out for a bit and had a few drinks.

Saturday was my actual birthday! It was a ridiculously wicked day. I started the day off by opening my card and presents from my family, then some balloons arrived from Katie-Jo and then she made me breakfast. Once the girls woke up they gave me cards and some chocolates. We all chilled out for a bit and then got ready to go and see Jessie J. We queued for Jessie J for an hour or so, which seemed like forever but was totally worth it because Jessie J was sick! We went and got McDonalds and then spent forever trying to find a taxi, when we finally found one we were basically half the way home, and the dude didn’t even take us all the way home! We met Rachael D at home and she gave me my present (a onesie and a cuddly Alien from Toy Story) we all had drinks and it ended up being a really wicked night.

On Sunday, Rachael left and we took Rachael to the train station. Me and Katie-Jo went to ASDA to get some stuff so that we could all have a roast dinner. We spent the rest of the day chilling out and I made a roast dinner for everyone… Which took a while to cook. We then finished the day off by playing Cardiff Monopoly.

Then on Monday, Annie and Aimee left and my new laptop arrived.

All in all it was a wicked weekend, and I really enjoyed it.

– Stacey xo

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