My girlfriend is the greatest gift I could have been given
Having her by my side has made me more driven
Knowing that she is my first real love
Something, someone I could never let go of

I thought I had been in love before
But between me and her we have something a lot more
It was so easy to say I was in love before when I had nothing to compare it too
But these feelings I have for her are completely new

She is my first thought in the morning when I open my eyes
When we kiss I still get butterflies
When I hold her in my arms
I want to be able to protect her from all harm

She has given me back a feeling I haven’t had in quite a while
The feeling of being worth something not only to her but to myself too
It’s a feeling that’s so old to most but to me its so new

My girlfriend, my best friend
The one to make my broken heart mend
My beginning, my middle
My first real love I never want to end

– Stacey xo

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