Some people will stereotype you
Judge every little thing that you do
They maybe better off
Look down at you, tut and scoff
But they might not work for everything that they’ve got
You should be proud because you’ve given everything your best shot

Everyone goes through different things
That’s why you need to enjoy the little things that life can bring
No two lives are the same
So don’t look back on your life and feel ashamed

Life is a battle that can be won
Don’t always need to be on the run
Don’t let people bring you down
You have earnt your crown
Just because you fight your battles privately doesn’t mean
You are your own king or queen

Everyone comes from a different past
But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a future set to last
Everyone has a fighter built inside of them
You can beat your demons, its not a matter of if, but when

– Stacey xo

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