I am gay
But what am I truly trying to say
Am I asking for your acceptance
Or am I ready to experience your resistance to my existence

I was all to willing to live my life as a lie
All too scared to see my own mother cry
All too afraid that my own father would be ashamed of me
That my family wouldn’t understand the person I am meant to be

But I guess I am lucky when it comes to my family
Because they say they’re proud of me
But what are they actually proud of
They shouldn’t have to be proud that I can openly love

I shouldn’t feel as though my sexuality
Means that there is something wrong with my personality
Nor should I feel as though the love I have for another is filled with immorality
I shouldn’t look a stranger in the eye and feel as though I have an abnormality

Why should you pity me for a love that makes me feel as though I belong
I don’t think I could ever understand why you see it as being so wrong

Isn’t true love, really true love when you wake up and think this is fate
So why are you telling me that this is just a phase and that I need to wait
Why when you don’t even know me are your words filled with so much hate
When all I want to do is take the one I love out on a date

We’re taught not to be prejudice
To consider each others feeling and not be too negative
We’re taught that we shouldn’t judge someone on their appearance
So why should my sexuality make a difference

I am gay
But it isn’t something I should have to state or say
I shouldn’t have to stand up and shout
Hi, I’m out

– Stacey xo

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