I haven’t written a post about my life in a while, I should probably get back into it. I have all the good intentions of doing it,its just life gets kind of busy sometimes and I forget and then I can’t remember what has happened because it all just merges into one.

So I’m going to go all the way back to the beginning of this year at uni which means September 2013 and see how much I can remember. Also I am ill and can’t go to work and Katie-Jo is at work and I am very bored. There were a lot of ‘ands’ in that sentence, oops.

September 2013

I moved back to Bournemouth and into a new house. It was rather exciting… although I think I was possibly more excited about living with Katie-Jo again.

I also enrolled back at uni for the second year of my foundation degree studying Business and Management.

October 2013

I got my first tattoo! It was quite spur of the moment. I got two different song lyrics from two songs which do mean something to me:

‘Cause I am a champion & you’re gonna hear me roar’
~ and ~
‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’

So it wasn’t entirely random. They are on my right arm.

Me and Katie-Jo got together – apparently everyone else saw this happening last year, maybe we should have seen it coming too but neither of us really did. I’m glad that we had the chance last year to get to know each other and become as close as we are (a bit closer now than before) as this gave us both a chance to understand and really get a chance to know each other.

I have never been so in love with anyone and I have definitely never been in a relationship with my best friend.

November 2013

My birthday – I had a wicked birthday seeing in the next decade of my life (I was 20). It wasn’t just a day it lasted a whole weekend and I was completely spoilt! – My girl took me out to dinner and down to the beach where we had champagne, some good friends came to stay (Rach, Annie and Aimee) and we all went and saw Jessie J which was incredible. Then we had drinks at our house where another Rach joined us. This is a very brief summary of the weekend but it was amazing and I enjoyed all of it. You can read more about it here and see come photos too [Entering 20 Years of Life]

December 2013

Early Christmas with Katie-Jo – We decided to have an early Christmas together as we weren’t going to be together on the actual day. You can read more about it in this post [Early Christmas]

I went back to Cambridge for a very short flying visit to see my family over Christmas.

I then came back to Bournemouth for about 2 hours and then went to Cardiff with Katie-Jo to spend New Year with her and her family.

January 2014

Katie-Jo killed her car on the way back from Cardiff and we had to get rescued by the AA! It was a really sad time although she has now got a new car and I got to name it…. Sonic – it isn’t blue… but it does have cup holders.

I started my new job. I had been looking for a job since moving back to Bournemouth in September, I new I had got the job before I went away for Christmas but was really happy to get stuck in and back to working again. I have always enjoyed having a job and earning my own money so it has been great being able to get back doing it!

I got my second tattoo which Katie-Jo paid for as part of my birthday present and she came up with the design for it. I call her my human teddy bear because even before we were together I would always go to her for a cuddle if I was feeling rubbishy and the Welsh word for cuddle is ‘cwtch’. The tattoo is more than something because we are together as it is a symbol of our friendship and the support we give to each other too.

I really like it and really like showing it off and explaining the meaning of it to people.

February 2014

Mine and Katie-Jo’s first Valentine’s Day together. Katie-Jo got me a teddy bear which is a real life teddy version of my tattoo – I really love it!

I told Katie-Jo that I would organise what we would be doing on Valentine’s day so this is what I did: I had got her several presents but I wanted to save them for later in the day so I gave her one present, which was a mug, in the morning as she likes to have a cup of tea which I made for her and then we both had to get ready to go out as she had uni and I had some shopping to get done quickly. It was chucking it down with rain so when I got back from shopping I looked like a drowned rat.

I started cooking out dinner which was a slow cooked beef roast dinner. Once I had the basics done for that I started decorating the spare bedroom (which was originally Katie-Jo’s room before we were together). This is how it turned out:

I also got four heart balloons for her:

Enjoy these other pictures from our day together:

All in all I think I pulled off the surprise of the room pretty well and she seemed to like her presents as much as I love my teddy bear! We definitely had an amazing day together and I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day next year… already!

…And now we are nearly in March! These past few months have flown by! So we have been so busy. We’re going to have a flying visit to Cambridge next week, Katie-Jo is going to meet my family for the first time, we’re going to London to watch the Wales vs England six nations game and we’re going to Cardiff for Mother’s day weekend. All of that is just what we have planned for March.

It’s all so exciting & now you are all caught up too! I’m currently off work ill today, and tomorrow as a virus seems to have decided its enjoying taking up residency in my body. Me and Katie-Jo are going to watch the two six nations matches when she gets home from work (hopefully I can stay awake this time).

– Stacey xo

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