Ever since 9th November 1993
You’ve been the biggest part of me
Giving me memories that I’ll treasure
Surrounding me in a love that will last forever

You were there for my first word
By my side whenever a problem occurred
Taught me to walk
And held me when I couldn’t find the words to talk

My first best friend
The one who taught me to be myself and not pretend
Taught me to tell the truth
And made sure the fairy took my first tooth

You’ve looked after me when I was sick
Laughed at all my jokes even if I was taking the mick
Picked me up and dusted me down
No matter how far I’ve pushed, you’ve always been around

You know me inside and out
Stood there when I scream and shout
You give love like no one else can
Because we’ve shared a bond ever since the first scan

You taught me to be proud of myself
And about all the important things in life
Love, happiness, family and health
You don’t need money to feel as though you have a lot of wealth

You’ve always been the best mother to me
Proud of the person I’ve grown to be
Showering me in an unconditional love that’s plain for everyone to see

– Stacey xo

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