Time seems to be going by so quickly at the moment! The big move to Cardiff is getting so close and so many things are coming to an end. In some ways it is sad to see things coming to an end in Bournemouth and other ways it exciting as I am going to see new things, meet new people and get to start a whole new chapter in my life with Katie-Jo.

On Monday I had my last shift at work. I have only been working there since January but it has been amazing, I have met a lot of people and worked along side people who I hope to stay in touch with. It was important for me to have a job this year at university as it has helped me on some of my hardest days by giving me something to get up in the morning for and something to focus on. I was so lucky that my boss was so supportive whilst the police investigation was going on. When I got offered my job back in December 2013 I couldn’t wait to start, I was going to be back in an environment I was used to and I was going to be able to get out of the house and have something to do with my time. Having a job makes me feel as though I have a purpose and has always given me a way to concentrate my mind something that was very important this year as everything was feeling so raw again.
The prospect of having to look for another job when we move to Cardiff is daunting, but I’m definitely looking forward to the challenge. I’m also looking forward to having the chance to meet new people and to be able to learn new skills. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to find a new job.
As one chapter closes and another one is closer to starting. While it was sad to say goodbye to the people I worked with and also my job I am looking forward to moving with Katie-Jo and all of the exciting things that are going to come our way as a result of moving.
– Stacey xo

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