So I have spent the last week job hunting, what can I say it is a very stressful process! Not only is it stressful but it is also very time consuming and can be very demotivating at times. How can you get experience when no one will give you experience? What’s the point in public transport if you need to have a driving licence to get to work?

I’ve tried everything over the past few days to attempt secure a job, from rewriting my CV to literally applying for any and every job I come across. I have landed myself 3 interviews – 2 I have already attended and I have one on Monday (which clashed with assessment days to one of the jobs I had an interview for).

I have had interviews for a sales job and a coffee shop/ bar I felt that they both went really well however I feel as though my age is something that holds me back. I also don’t see myself as a door to door sales person and now that I have another interview that clashes with the assessment days what do I do? Do I attend the assessment days and not the other interview or do I attend the interview and not the assessment? It is really difficult to decide what to do.

Who would have thought job hunting was this stressful. I also thought I would find it alot easier to get a job here in Cardiff due to it being a city. However it has been harder than both Cambridge and Bournemouth.

Oh well, as long as I keep up my intense job search hopefully I will find that I land myself a job soon!

– Stacey xo

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