Now that I am turning 21
In some ways my life has just begun
Born on 9th November 1993
Who thought I would become the woman I’ve turned out to be

Fought a battle since I was six years old
Only just found the courage to tell a story I never thought would be told
I have a loving family forever supporting me
Encouraging me to be the best I can be
I have a beautiful fiancée
Who I will love eternally
I may not have had the easiest path to get here
I may have played most of it by ear
But I know I can look back on my past 21 years
Knowing I have worked hard to get here, blood, sweat and tears
Facing many of my fears
Shedding a few tears
Cherishing moments and memories with friends and family
Things I can look back on quite happily

Moved out of my family home
Grown up and created my own
Found a love I never thought I would experience
Finally found my real independence

Looking back there are so many things I am proud of
Looking around me there are so many people that I love
Looking into the future
It’s looking like an adventure
Letting go of the past, but it’s still travelling with me
Ready to write the next part of my life for everyone to see
Ready to see where this journey will take me
Ready to travel with my friends and family

– Stacey xo

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