Six years old
In my mind I’m stuck alone and cold
Say you understand
All that was lost at a monsters hand
Say it will be okay
But it still lives with me even to this day
I’m now twenty one
Still trying to win this battle that can’t be won
A ghost creeping up on me
Clouding the happiness I deserve to see
Pulling me back into the past
Reliving the memories I wish didn’t last

One day, maybe,
These memories will leave me
I need a voice
Its my choice
To tell my story
To let me be free
So that I can live this life without
A single doubt

But I’m being held back
Afraid of being put under attack
For telling the truth
About all that happened in my youth
I’m older but I’m still fragile
I’ll get stronger and become someones idol

– Stacey xo

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