Yesterday was an ideal day for walking the dogs, the sun was out but the temperature wasn’t too hot. Katie-Jo’s cousin has just adopted a dog called Charlie who is approximately 5/6 months old and is a terrier cross chihuahua so we met them for a walk with Toby, Millie and Teddy. Buddy didn’t come on this walk as he doesn’t like other dogs on a lead and we weren’t sure if Charlie would be able to come off of the lead.

We headed to Llandaff fields in Cardiff and had a 2 hour walk around the park.

As you can see from the pictures the dogs had a great time and Charlie even had a run off of his lead.
We headed back to the house and on the way had a pit stop at McDonald’s to grab a drink as we were really hot and I also had a McFlurry.
We then went and got Buddy. We decided to wander around Barry and then headed to Barry beach so he could have a run off of his lead.

It was really good to have some one on one time with him to help him overcome some of his fears.

All in all we spent a very long time walking with them all but it was a really great way to spend a lovely Saturday afternoon and evening.
– Stacey xo

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