So it took me a little while to get my hands on The Scrapbook of My Life by Alfie Deyes (otherwise known as PointlessBlog on YouTube. You will probably know that one of my favourite genres of books to read are biographies and having watched his vlogs for a while I was quite excited when I heard he was going to be releasing a form of autobiography.

The overall look of the book is quite different to your generic biography as it really does have the look and feel of a sketchbook that you would use to build up a scrapbook. Plus if you have read his previous books The Pointless Book and The Pointless Book 2 you will enjoy the little sections which you can fill in for yourself. Plus it may even encourage you to start an actual scrapbook of your life to record your own memories!
I particularly enjoyed the fact that Alfie included lots of little anecdotes of his life from when he was born up until the present day. By doing this is means you get a complete overall outlook of his life up until now, which if your nosey like me is great!
Overall I found this was a quick read (I read it in 24 hours) and was very easy to pick up and put down throughout the day. Its the kind of book that would make a good stocking filler present for a PointlessBlog fan!
– Stacey xo

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