Being a fan of the BBC series The Apprentice I I knew that this would be a book that I would enjoy, I received it for Christmas 2015. I was forever picking it up and putting it down when I was going to work.


As the star of the award-winning BBC series The Apprentice, Alan Sugar has won millions of fans who tune in to watch his mix of business wisdom, witty putdowns and ability to cut straight through bullshit. But how did the famously straight-talking entrepreneur end up fronting one of our most successful and long-running shows, and why were some of his biggest challenges during his ten years in television to be found outside the boardroom and off camera?
In Unscripted, Alan Sugar reveals all this and more as he embarks on a new and sometimes bewildering career. He describes how he lost patience with some of the luvvies, wafflers and wannabes he encountered along the way, and tells us what he really thought of some of the tasks and candidates he came across during the making of The Apprentice, giving his reaction to the egos and the backbiting as well as the genuine talent that shone through. He explains how he brought on board Nick Hewer, Margaret Mountford and Karren Brady, what became of the winners when the cameras stopped rolling – and how working on the show has inspired him and many others. As with his previous books, What You See Is What You Get and The Way I See It, there is no ghostwriter; this is written by the man himself. And, as ever, it is honest, funny and outspoken – Alan Sugar at his entertaining best.

I enjoyed this book and finding out more about how the series was put together as well as discovering the input the Alan Sugar had in the making of the program. It is also quite nostalgic to reflect back on the past series of the show to remember who was on it and what happened.I also like the fact that Alan Sugar also gives more information regarding the various winners and what they have achieved/ done since The Apprentice has finished.I found that at time the book can be quite ‘wordy’ at times in the respect that at there is almost too much detail for certain aspects of the book which then slows down the overall flow of the book.I would recommend this book to people who have been following The Apprentice on BBC and to those who have been following Alan Sugar’s career.- Stacey xo

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