Something I have found I have been struggling with recently has been sleeping as a result of my abuser entering my dreams and turning what would otherwise have been a normal dream in to a nightmare. More often now it will be him appearing in my dream, not reliving the abuse but just him being there.

When this happens I find that I will feel as though I haven’t had any sleep as the dreams can be really vivid which usually results in me feeling really exhausted the following day.

It does frustrate me when this happens because once I wake up I struggle to get back to sleep and I can spend time laying awake thinking over the nightmare. Not only this but I find that the following day I am unmotivated and can be quite negative. I try to overcome this by getting up and out of bed, and doing something even if its just getting in the shower and getting dressed. I find that by doing this I get myself back into a ‘normal’ routine and slowly pick myself back up again. Depending what the nightmare was it can take varying amounts of time to shake the feeling of it off.

I don’t like talking about the content of the nightmares as sometimes that can make it feel longer for the feelings of the nightmare to disappear.

Stacey xo

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