I think we are all glad to see the back of 2016, I mean Donald Trump – need we say more!

Also Brexit – the British public I am disappointed in you…

But we will move swiftly passed all of those because I don’t want to dwell on all the sad things from the year even though the list is pretty long – 2016 hasn’t been a great one in terms of celebrity deaths either.

I really want to think and talk about 2017 – especially as today is the first day of the year, can you believe it?

I keep neglecting blogging and letting it just drift to one side. So one of my resolutions for 2017 is to get back into it properly, my plan is to use this blog to document my achievements and also an excuse to go out and experience more. I already have tickets to see Lucy Spraggan in March and I am hoping to get some other tickets to other events throughout the year too. Obviously I will be going to Cardiff Pride/ Big Weekend so that is another one to add to the calendar for August. I am aiming to get my driving test (finally) under my belt at some point in this year. Over Christmas I started to look through all the theory stuff and am planning to get this booked in as soon as possible so that I have of an incentive to get the practical side of things done too.

Something else I started doing towards the end of 2016 was being more conscious of the amount of water I drink as I started getting headaches from being dehydrated. I was and always have been hooked on sugar – I am choc-a-holic but my metabolism as I am getting older isn’t allowing me to have the same chocolate consumption as I used to be able to have (sad faces all round) so I have been trying to find healthier alternatives to my usual chocolate binge. I have also been trying to eat proper meals instead of snacks. So here’s hoping I can keep this up throughout 2017.

So here is to 2017 and a positive, adventure filled year.

What are you aiming to do in 2017, have you got any resolutions?

– Stacey xo

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