I think it goes without saying that sleep is important – it keeps you feel refreshed, for some it gives them a break.

I am a lover of sleep – even though sometimes I struggle to fall asleep. Although the times that I do struggle to sleep at night I have learnt that getting rest doesn’t necessarily mean needing to sleep, it means relaxing.

I have also found that it is important for me in order to be able to fall asleep is to be in some kind of routine. When I’m not in a routine I find I end up sitting up in the early hours getting lost in the vortex of YouTube. This then ends up in some awful cycle where I feel drained and I also end up being a horrible person to be around because I am miserable and grouchy.

What I am getting at is sleep is important & I think we often forget that. We try and cram too much into our day and don’t give ourselves enough time to recuperate and feel fresh.

– Stacey xo

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