I have decided that I want to do something in my blog where I look back on my week and reflect on all the positive things I have done which have made me feel good about myself.


Firstly I have set myself manageable goals for this year, one of those being to drink more water. I have definitely achieved this this week. I have noticed this has started to help improve my skin so this is definitely I want to keep up going forward so I can the other impacts it will have on my health.

My contract with O2 is due to expire in March however on Thursday they rang me and said I could get an early upgrade on them. Now I am a bit of a sucker for a new gadget so I said yes and managed to get the Samsung Galaxy S7 for the same price I pay now but with a lot more internet! Which for me was great. Plus I managed to go and pick it up on the same day.

Something that stresses me out is not being organised, and things not having a home. So yesterday I went and got some trays to help organise my draws where I put all of my little bits and bobs so I can find things a little bit easier.

img_20170108_162449_536I have spent time with friends at the weekend to make sure that I don’t become a recluse as I am very good at hiding away in my room when I don’t have things to do. Saturday I went to see Katie-Jo & her family, we watched some Gilmore Girls and had a Chinese. On Sunday I went and saw Annie where we caught up, made a roast dinner and tried to watched a film called The DUFF but I’d read the book and the film wasn’t that great so we stopped watching it half way through.

I feel as though this has been a successful week.

This week I am going to try and start eating better, no more unnecessary takeaways, start taking packed lunch to work and LESS JUNK FOOD.


– Stacey xo

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