So here we are again another Sunday, and would you know I have already fallen behind on these self-care posts! But we aren’t here to be negative we are here to talk about all of the positive things that have happened this past week.

So firstly I have been more conscious of my sleeping routine. I have made sure that I am getting enough sleep so that when I wake up I feel more refreshed.

Although as my days off work this week were scheduled to be at the weekend my week has been primarily focused upon work. Which always feels a bit weird when I actually spend the week days in work.

This meant when Saturday came I knew I needed to do something I would enjoy so that I could relax. During the week I messaged Katie-Jo so see if she fancied taking the dogs for a walk. So on Saturday I headed over to Katie-Jo’s house and the plan changed a little bit with good reason.

womens march.png

We all know that Donald Trump has become president of the USA and while some people are really happy about this (why?) others are very unhappy about this (understandably!) as he has insulted  and threatened many communities among many other behaviours that people disagree with. Anyways on Saturday there was a March not only in USA but across the world to demonstrate equality and that women’s rights are human rights, when I arrived at Katie-Jo’s house we all decided that we would go to the march in Cardiff.

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”

On Sunday I made a roast dinner while trying to transfer my old blog posts over to this blog. I love cooking as I find it really relaxing, plus I love eating so its a win-win kind of thing to enjoy doing really.


How has your week been?

Stacey xo

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